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Develop a Center with a reputation for excellence in all things and in the power of God. The Center will then bless and build up the body of Christ, and have an impact upon the nation.



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Every believer in Jesus the Christ needs to have a part in sharing the Gospel of the Lord Our Savior that despite man's sinful nature, God loves us and sent His Son to save us. Believers need to know the nature of God and to learn His ways through studying the Bible and to follow God's ways. A Kingdom Training Center can help students who are hungry for the Word of God, to learn God's ways and to demonstrate God's power to win others to the Kingdom of God. Below provides a "how to" start such a KTC and other resources to be successful. We do invite any questions, just email us.


This may be the easiest point, but it is also the most critical. The director must have sufficient faith to run the Center. He must be called of God to oversee the work. The director has total authority over the Center. He must have strong Christian character, natural leadership ability, great love for the Word of God, and great love for the students and staff. He must be someone who finishes things that he starts.


Most KTCs operate in a church, but can meet in a home if the home is big enough. The location should have sufficient room for the students to be able to write and listen comfortably, with access to bathroom facilities. If a room is to be rented, the cost must come out of the fees required of the students at registration. A white marker board is essential for learning.


Decide whether to have a 2 year or 4 year program. The decision to have a 4 year program can wait until the closing months of the 2 year program. The manuals written by Dr. A.L. Gill and his wife Joyce form the nucleus for the 2 year program. These courses are available on the Internet at:
The remainder of the courses is also set out on the curriculum page furnished with this sheet. The national director will need one copy of each textbook to distribute as necessary to the different cities containing KTCs in that nation.


 The director does not have to teach all the courses, although he may do so initially. If KTC graduates are available, use them first. After you complete the 2 year program, you may be able to use some of these graduates to teach new enrollees in the 2 year program. The teachers must be men or women of great Christian character, must love the Word of God, and must have a love for their students. Next to the director, the teachers will be the most critical factor in the success of the Center. It is important that they prepare their subjects daily, by staying ahead of the students in the manual or text book.


Once you have your director, location, curriculum, and teachers prepared, then you can set a start date for the KTC. Give yourself the time you need to advertise the Center and to be as fully prepared as possible before starting. 


Classes are taught in one hour sessions. Classes can be run during the weekday, on weeknights, or on weekends. The schedule is entirely up to the director, as he sees the needs of the students and teachers. Sample schedules for day classes and night classes are available on the CD or flash drive that also contains the curriculum. It should be mentioned that if night classes are selected, the usual hours being from 7-9 PM, the time to complete one KTC quarter will be twice as long as for day classes.


Before advertising the Center, its costs should be determined, and how these costs will be met. All of our KTCs are self supporting. Schools can be run very frugally if you have a good relationship with the owner of the location for the venue. Generally that is the greatest expense. The cost of the location and some compensation for the director and teachers should come from the fees charged to the students. There may be churches, ministries, or Christian businesses that will help fund scholarships for individual students. Even if the teachers and director volunteer their services and the location of the venue is rent free, there should be a nominal charge for the students, or they will not value the teaching.


Advertise the Center through the local churches and ministries. Make an appealing looking flyer to distribute to friends and potential students. Emphasize that the Center is not only academic but also practical. Mention that graduates will be equipped to teach and preach the Word of God, to heal the sick, and to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Give each applicant a form to complete and return to you before the interview. This form should document their Christian life and experience. The applicant must also obtain a recommendation from their pastor. Screen the applicants to determine their level of seriousness about finishing the diploma program. It is better to have fewer but serious students than many with a low level of commitment. The focus is really to train men and women who are emerging apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. You will also be training experienced ministers who never had formal training. Reach out to both men and women.