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Gill Ministries
- Dr. A. L. & Joyce Gill

River of Life Acton
- Pastor Corey & Lorna Lovers
3877 W. Smith Avenue
Acton, CA 93510
Phone: 661-269-0400

Shekinah Worship Center
- Pastor Joe Sweet
42640 10th St W.
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: 661-940-8378

Lightbearers Ministries
- Reverend Kevin Porter
PO Box 471
Lyons, OR 97358



Light Orbs

Light Orbs

Light Orbs

Angel tracks appear in Peru. These are not doctored photographs. Pictures were taken with a digital camera after an intensive Bible study of several hours in preparation for preaching that night.

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Remote Area Ministries

PO Box 2595

Lancaster, CA 93539


Phone: 661-942-6940


A.L. and Joyce Gill Dr. A.L. and Joyce Gill are apostolic parents to many nations, traveling about teaching the Kingdom of God with miraculous signs and wonders accompanying them.They are the authors of the teaching manuals used as the core of the 2 year curriculum for the Remote Area Ministries Bible schools.



Corey and Lorna Lovers Corey and Lorna Lovers are senior pastors in the Foursquare denomination. Corey has had a distinguished career in the Los Angeles Fire Department,and has accompanied Jack on 17 trips to several nations. Lorna is skilled in leading Praise and Worship, and has made several trips to Asia. Both have a great desire for sharing Jesus.


Drs. Jack and Grace Tuls Drs. Jack and Grace Tuls are the founders and directors of Remote Area Ministries. They have traveled extensively to Asia, Africa, the Far East, South America,and many Muslim countries establishing Christian Bible schools called Kingdom Training Centers.