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Jack Tuls' teaching on:  JESUS, SEED & FULLNESS.

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Remote Area Ministries

The Call of Remote Area Ministries, RAM, is to bring a demonstration of the Kingdom of God to each nation where God calls us to go. This demonstration is followed by the planting of a Bible school of gospel ministry that teaches the principles of the Kingdom of God. Then the graduates are released to continue the cycle of demonstrating, teaching, and releasing in their own country.


Dr. Tuls' Most Sought After Teaching !

DVD Teaching by Jack Tuls -



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               Gospel of Luke – Dr Grace Tuls


               Gospel of Matthew – Part 1 – Dr Grace Tuls


               Gospel of Matthew – Part 2 – Dr Grace Tuls



               Working With Angels – Dr Jack Tuls


               The Power of the Word of God – Dr Jack Tuls


               Where We Are in the Last Days – Dr Jack Tuls



               Revelation Unveiled – Part 1 – Dr Jack Tuls


               Revelation Unveiled – Part 2 – Dr Jack Tuls


               Revelation Unveiled – Part 3 – Dr Jack Tuls


               Revelation Unveiled – Part 4 – Dr Jack Tuls


               Revelation Unveiled – Part 5 – Dr Jack Tuls


               Revelation Unveiled – Part 6 – Dr Jack Tuls


               Revelation Unveiled – Part 7 – Dr Jack Tuls


Grace Tuls Interview & Teaching


Below is the welcoming committee for Jack and Grace Tuls (center) at the Kigali Airport, Rwanda, for the 1st graduation of Remote Area Ministries Bible School. To the left of Grace and Jack are Bishop Gasore Constantine and his wife Pauline.  Bishop Gasore is the National Director of the RAM Bible Schools in Rwanda, saying:

"Amen, wonderful pictures and graduates. Thanks a lot to Drs. Jack and Grace Tuls for the commitment and hard work they have done to train and equip the body of Christ. God bless them." 

Guests at Kigali Airport




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What Is Jesus Doing Today?

-from Grace Tuls



If you would like to have either of us speak or have us team teach at your location, just call us at 661-942-6940.

Grace is available for teaching, as her gifting is teaching on healing for the body, soul and spirit. See her YouTube teachings on this site's Resources page. Many have testified of healing as the Word was taught. She has ministered many times at Women's Aglow and other conferences in the States and overseas.


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